They will take you to the top, realism and precision for simracing

Our SRP SimRacing-Pro GT-R pneumatic pedals are your ultimate choice for an authentic simulation experience. Immerse yourself in sim racing with unmatched realism, exceptional precision and unparalleled responsiveness. Designed to meet your demands, they will push you to the limit of your abilities on the virtual track.

SRP Simracing Handbrake

SRP® Handbrake

Get ready to master rallying and drifting like never before with our state-of-the-art handbrake! Designed for true adrenaline junkies, our handbrake offers unparalleled precision and realism thanks to our cutting-edge pneumatic technology. Turn every corner and every drift into an authentic and thrilling experience – elevate your game with the ultimate handbrake for rally and drift enthusiasts!

SRP ® Formula-R

Experience Sim Racing at its Finest with Formula-R. 

Get ready for the pure thrill of Formula racing with SRP Formula-R pedals! Designed to offer the highest level of realism, you’ll be immersed in the driving experience of a real formula racer. With a key design that allows you to exert extreme pressure, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush with every corner and every brake, bringing your passion for formula racing to life with every turn!

Key Advantages of the SRP® Sim Racing Pedals

Elevate your braking experience to the next level with the R Piston

Pneumatic and Software Innovation.

At the core of our advanced brake piston lies the perfect fusion of pneumatic and software technology. Engineered to faithfully emulate elite-level competition braking systems, it ensures that every tap of the brake pedal delivers the ideal balance between control and braking potency. Our SimRacing Pedals, equipped with R-series transducers featuring a ceramic membrane and metal connector, offer unparalleled precision and responsiveness.

Accelerate with Precision

Natural Curvature

The accelerator pedal is thoughtfully designed to replicate the natural curve of a combustion engine’s response. It’s all about precision, and our pedal ensures you feel every surge of power as if you were on the track.

Stability Redefined

SKF Needle Bearings

Experience pedal stability like never before with high-quality SKF needle bearings. These bearings are meticulously chosen to optimize performance, ensuring that every input is translated with utmost precision.

Crafted to Perfection

AL6061 Aluminum and CNC Machining

Our SimRacing Pedals are a masterpiece of engineering, manufactured entirely from AL6061 aluminum using the state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining process. This ensures not only unparalleled precision but also durability that stands up to the rigors of intense racing sessions.

Customize your pedal responses to the fullest using our SRP® My Setup software

Imagine having the power to tailor your racing experience to perfection. Introducing SRP MySETUP, our proprietary software that empowers you to unlock the full potential of your SimRacing Pedals. With SRP MySETUP, you’re in control, enabling you to fine-tune every aspect of your pedal performance according to your preferences. Let’s delve into the latest advancements and the enhanced configurability that our software brings to your setup.

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Support accelerator Sim Pedal

Experience the SRP® Sim Racing Pedals

Craftsmanship and Precision at Every Step

Welcome to the world of SimRacing, where the thrill of the race meets cutting-edge technology. As pioneers in the field, we proudly introduce our SimRacing Pedals, meticulously designed and expertly crafted for the most immersive racing experience. Let’s dive into what sets our pedals apart and why they’re the perfect fit for both enthusiasts and professionals.




SRP® SIM Pedals: Pro Racer's Choice

Chosen by professional drivers for training and competing in SimRacing, and honing their skills on the track.

Finn Gehrsitz ADAC Gt masters race winner and former Lmp3 driver. He is delighted by the precision of the SRP pedals, appreciating their remarkable resemblance to his actual racing car. Trusting these pedals completely, because he relies on their exceptional quality and performance to meticulously prepare for his races on the real track.
Albert Costa, the current winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, opts for our SRP® GT-R 3P pedals for both training and competing in SimRacing. His choice reflects the quality and realism of our products, supporting his pursuit of excellence in the world of virtual racing.
Dani Juncadella, the GT Continental GT Challenge driver and a close friend, relies on our SRP® GT-R 3P pedals for his SimRacing training and competitions. His trust in our pedals underscores their exceptional quality and authenticity, perfectly complementing his quest for success in the virtual racing realm.
Sebastian Porto, former MotoGP rider who made a significant impact in the world of motorcycle racing, has chosen our SRP® GT-R 3P pedals for his training and competitive SimRacing endeavors. His endorsement underscores the high quality and realism of our products, aligning with his commitment to excellence even beyond the MotoGP circuit.


At SRP, we specialize in providing the best Sim Racing pedals tailored for professional drivers. Our meticulously crafted pedals enhance your driving experience with unmatched performance and precision. With SRP pedals, you’ll reach new heights in racing, achieving consistent lap times, pushing braking limits, and gaining optimal control through corners.

Experience the Power of Innovation: Our pneumatic technology revolutionizes your racing experience. By leveraging cutting-edge advancements in pneumatic engineering, our pedals deliver unmatched responsiveness, allowing you to brake later and with greater confidence. This results in improved lap times and a competitive edge on the track.

Unlock your racing potential with SRP Sim Racing pedals, designed to elevate your skills and redefine your racing experience.