SRP® Clutch Kit

If you have SRP-GT 2p or SRP-Formula pedals and want to convert them into the SRP-3p model, this is what you are looking for, the SRP-CLK clutch kit.
Clutch designed exclusively for the most important thing, standing starts, with its natural curve it will be able to modulate the traction of the wheels with unprecedented control.

Made of AI6061 aluminium with 28 micron extra hard anodised finish.

This kit consists:
– 1 complete clutch piston.
– 1 clutch lever.
– 1 cam base support.
– 1 rear piston support.
– 1 transducer connection cable.
– 1 screws set.

Dear customers, for reasons beyond SRP’s control, deliveries will be made from the 26th of February. For this reason we would like to offer you a 5% discount in our entire shop. 
SRP® Clutch Kit *
SRP-CLK Gray Edition 199,00 
SRP-CLK Black Edition 239,00 
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