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SRP® HandBrake Review

Explore the thrilling review of our new SRP® HB Handbrake by Mirko de Santis. An analysis that highlights the quality, precision, and performance redefining the SimRacing experience. Dive into excellence with SRP®!

Real-Life Testimonials: Hear from Thrilled Racers Who Have Experienced Our Sim Racing Pedals


Looking for genuine reviews on sim racing pedals? Look no further! Read the firsthand experiences of drivers who have already purchased and tested our high-performance pedals. Discover why they rave about our pedals and how they have transformed their virtual racing experience. Get ready to make an informed decision and elevate your racing game to new heights. Explore the reviews now!

Check out the latest review by randomcallsign on YouTube! He’s blown away by our SRP-GT-R 3P Black Edition pedals, calling them the most impressive pedals he’s ever used. Watch the review now and discover why these pedals are a game-changer for your racing setup. Don’t miss out on the ultimate racing experience!

Today we check out Simracing Pro’s new Pneumatic Sim Racing Pedals. These pedals feature a unique design which utilises pneumatic cylinders and pressure sensors to deliver what we found to be a very smooth and overall quite impressive sim racing experience.

Join DanSuzuki on his Youtube channel as he delves into the world of pneumatic pedals. In this captivating review, he explores the SRP-GT-R 3P Black Edition and unveils whether they are hot air or pure genius. Don’t miss this insightful video that showcases the cutting-edge technology and performance of our pedals. Watch now and discover the ultimate racing experience!

Join us on February 4th, 2023, as HDiiNasTy, a renowned YouTube channel, provides an in-depth review of the SimRacing Pro SRP-GTR 3p Edition Pneumatic pedal set. Discover the exceptional features, precise pneumatic technology, and unrivaled performance of these pedals. Stay tuned for insightful insights and expert analysis, guiding you towards an immersive sim racing experience like never before. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the next level of realism and control in virtual racing with SRP-GTR 3p Edition Pneumatic pedals. Subscribe to HDiiNasTy and be part of the excitement!


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